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Spring is here!

When you think of spring you may think of flowers, rainbows, bright colors, and children playing outside. You are going to want to incorporate all of your thoughts of spring into this fun weekly theme.

Spring Art Activities

Sandy Spring Scenes

supplies: fine sand, sidewalk chalk, small bowls, construction paper, crayons, and glue.

procedure: pour some sand into a bowl. Using sidewalk chalk, press down to bottom of bowl and with stirring motion move chalk around until sand is completely colored.
Ask your children to draw a simple nature scene on their construction paper. (you may want to take the children outside to draw so they can draw something from their enviornment) When drawings are complete, paint over entire drawing with white school glue and then allow children to fill in their pictures with the different colors of sand.

Sun Mask

Using a large paper plate, cut two holes where eyes would be. Allow your children to either paint the entire paper plate yellow or use scaps of yellow construction paper to cover plate. While drying, have children cut large triangles from yellow construction paper. When paper plate is dry have children glue the triangles they have cut to the outside rim of the paper plate. Poke two holes in the sides of the plate and thread with yellow chord to fit each child. Wear masks for dramatic play, or music (sing "You Are My Sunshine" or "Mister Sun")

Classroom Rainbow

Have children trace and cut out their hands on construction paper from the colors of the rainbow. On a large piece of white butcher paper, arrange the childrens hands in the form of a rainbow. This is a fun project for parents to see hanging out in the hallway of your school.

Tissue Paper Collage

You can make a wonderful spring collage with colored tissue paper. First prepare a mixture with equal parts of clear-drying white glue and water. Next tear a selection of small irregularly shaped pieces of tissue paper. Arrange the tissue pieces on any background toform an abstract design. Hold each piece in place with one hand, then brush the glue mixture from the center of the piece outward. Overlap the peices to acheive depth of color. If desired, cut flowers, butterflies, and other spring objects from the finished collage and hand them from strings around the room.


If you have any ideas that you would like to see added to this theme please feel free to either enter your idea in the forum or email me.