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Language Activities

History of Halloween

"The name HALLOWEEN" comes from the Christian holy day All Hallows' Eve, which is the night before All Saints' Day. The modern celebration of Halloween, celebrated on October 31, has been influenced more by ancient custom than by Christian belief. Imaginary creatures and ghost stories originated from the ancient Celtic people, who believed that on this night evil spirits roamed the earth to play tricks on people. Costumes and jack-o'-langerns were believed to protect people from these evil spirits. Children also dressed in costumes on All Souls' Day and went from house to house begging for soul cakes, from which comes the custon of trick or treat. Today this holiday is primarily for children who dress in Halloween costumes and go trick or teating."


Halloween Discussion

** Halloween costumes are not real but only representations of characters. Halloween costumes can be removed.
** Do you become a different person when you wear a costume or mask?
** Are you sometimes afraid of costumes or masks.
** How do costumes or masks make you feel?

Halloween Safety

** Wear costumes that fit properly.
** Use facial make-up when possible since masks often obstruct vision.
** Wear light-colored clothing, fluorescent colors, or dark costumes that have bright patches.
** Go trick or treating with an adult or friend.
** Carry a light to guide the way.
** Stay in a familiar neighborhood.
** Walk on the sidewalks and cross streets properly.
** Have parents inspect treats before eating them.
** Be careful of burning candles in jack-o'-lanterns.

Mystery Bag
In a large orange pillow case or orange colored paper bag, place a number of halloween objects. Allow children to take turns reaching in the bag to feel the objects. As they feel what is in the bag have them describe the object with out telling what the object is. After all children have had a turn have them tell you what objects they think are in the bag. When correct answers are given take objects out of the bag.


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