Preschool Resource
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Arts and Crafts


Autumn Trees

Draw cut or tear a tree trunk from paper or a shopping bag. Glue to a piece of construction paper. Dip sponges that have been cut into small pieces into autumn colored paints. Dab on top of tree trunk to make leaves.

Easel Painting

Use a variety of fall colors at the easel. For variation use a sheet cut from a shopping bag as paint paper.

Nature Collage

Go on a nature walk. Gather fall leaves, grass, flowers or anything you can find that is fallish. Arrange these items on a sheet of paper and glue them in place.

Leaf Rubbings

Arrange leaves in a design. Place lightweight paper over the design. Rub back and forth with the side of a peeled crayon.

Watercolor Leaf

Cut a leaf from construction paper. Allow the children to water color them and hang them from the ceiling as a mobile.

Leaf Creatures and People

Glue real or paper leaves on paper. Create a person or animal using the leaf for the body. To make the head, tail, arms or legs, use crayons, markers, creative.

Leaf Spatter Paint

You will need a box lid, and enough screen to cover an opening at the top. Cut a rectangle in the top of the lid. Invert the lid and place the screen over the opening. Secure screen with heavy tape. Arrange leaves on a piece of paper. Place lid over paper, (right side up) dip a toothbrush in thin paint and brush across screen. When dry remove leaves.

Leaf Bookmark

Use leaves that are real or cut from paper. Arrange leaves on clear contact paper. Place another piece of contact paper over the leaves. Cut into narrow strips for bookmark.


If you have any ideas you would like to see added here please feel free to add them to the forum or email me.