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Fall Language Unit


Autumn is the season between summer and winter.

Another word for autumn is fall because it is at this time of the year when the leaves fall from the trees.

Fall is a time for harvesting food, preserving foods and saving seeds.

Fall activities include the start of school, football season, hunting season, and the time when we begin to prepare for winter.

Fall holidays are Halloween and Thanksgiving.

The colors of fall are orange, yellow, red, brown and black.

In the woods, animals prepare for winter at this time of year. they grow thicker coats, they make themselves fat, they store away food. Birds fly south or "migrate" to warmer climates. Squirrels collect nuts and store them away to eat when the weather becomes colder.

the weather in autumn is cooler than the weather in summer. that is because the earth is farther away from the sun. The farther away the sun is, the cooler the planet becomes.

Clothing changes in the fall. We wear heavier clother, long sleeves, jackets, long pants instead of shorts. What are some of the activities that we do in the summer that we would not want to do in the cooler weather of the fall?

Discuss with your children about the seasons and how they come in cycles.

Autumn plants and flowers include pumpkins, squash, corn, marigolds, and mums.

You can observe seasonal changes in your outdoor pets. Dogs and cats that stay outdoors will attain a heavier coat to help keep them warmer outdoors as the weather cools. In the summer dogs and cats have a thinner coat that allows them to stay cooler.

Vocabulary: autumn, fall, leaves, harvest, migrate, thicker coats, migrate, fatten, weather, cooler, warmer, sweaters, jackets, warm clothes, any autumn activities, squash, marigolds, pumpkins, mums.


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