Preschool Resource
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Math and Science


** Compare a dry leaf to a green leaf.

** Drop different objects: a block, a book, a cotton ball and a leaf. Talk about the quiet sound a leaf makes.

** Cut out leaves or gather leaves from several different kinds of trees. Have the children match the leaves that look alike.

** Have the children sort nuts by type. For example, pecan, peanuts, acorns, walnuts. Take care not to allow young children to eat the nuts. Many people are allergic to nuts. If you do not know that a child is allergic it is best not to give the child a nut to eat.

** Make a worksheet that requires children to draw a line from one nut to the one that matches it. This can also be done with leaves.

** Gather an assortment of leaves. Gather the children and ask them to place one leaf in the box, or three leaves on the shelf, appropriate to their counting abilities.

** Have the children sort footballs from non footballs. Use real balls or pictures.

** Prepare a worksheet with footballs in the picture. Mix in with the footballs pictures of baseballs, tennis balls, soccer ball. Have the children color all of the footballs. Can also be done with leaves and non leaves, squirrels and other animals and treen and other plants.


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