Preschool Resource
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Movement and Games


** allow the children to make a big pile of leaves and then jump into them. Beware of litter or ants that may be in the pile and inspect it carefully before allowing children to jump.

** Attach leaf cut outs to streamers and allow the chilren to run with them streaming behind them while they pretend to be leaves blowing in the wind.

** Blow a whistle and tell the children "touch a tree" or "find a tree" Model the activity if necessary. Ask the children what they have found.

** Play a game like "Duck Duck Goose" only have one child as a dog and one child as a squirrel.

** Play catch with a football.

** Play "Pin the Tail on the Squirrel"

** have a "Leaf Hunt". Hide leaves or pictures of leaves all around the room and have the children look for them.

** Play "Find the Acorn". Tell the children to pretend that they are hungry squirrels. Hide cut out corn shapes all over the room. Let the squirrels find the acorns.

** Play "Ring Around the Tree". Sing the following song as the children join hands and circle a tree.

Ring around the tree
Ring around the tree
Leaves, Leaves
We all fall down.

Or children can sing this song to the tune of "Frere Jacques"

Here we go walking, here we go walking
Round the tree, Round the tree
Here we go walking, here we go walking
Round the tree, Round the tree.

** "Find the Leaf" Arrange several objects on the table, such as a block, a doll, a paper cup and a leaf. Blindfold the child and lead them to the table. The child must find the leaf by touching the objects.

** "Domino Game" Make domino cards of different shaped leaves. Child must pick up card and lay it down on the table beside another leaf that matches it.


If you have any ideas that you would like to see added to this page please feel free to add your ideas to the forum or email me.