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Healthy Bodies
Leaves Are Falling
Land of the Dinosaurs


You have been in school almost a full month now.
Hopefully your curriculum is no longer scattered across the living room floor and the kids have given up the notion of commiting you to a mental institution.

You have now had time to get to know your students and it is time to get down to the fun of learning those skills that will be needed for kindergarten.
This month you should start introducing the letters of the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors and tuning those fine motor skills.

The topics that will be covered this month and beyond will integrate all of these skills plus the expansion of world learning. Every month a different culture will be highlighted and I will give ideas on how to integrate these into the topics.

Have fun!

Teacher Forum

Don't forget to check out the forum for more ideas.
If you would like to post an idea of your own please feel free to do so. In fact I encourage this highly.
We are each other's greatest resource!

While you are in the forum take a look at September's Question and give your thoughts!

Please contact me with your ideas and thoughts about this page.
If you submit an idea to me through email I will post the idea on the page with credit to you.

Thank You

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