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Words to Remember

He prayed - it wasn't my religion
He ate - it wasn't what I ate
He spoke - it wasn't my language
He dressed - it wasn't what I wore
He took my hand - it wasn't the color of mine

But when he laughed - it was how I laughed
And when he cried - it was how I cried

Me, Myself, & I

This is one of my favorite units to begin the shcool year with. All children love to talk about themselves and their favorite things. The emotions kids show during this unit are just fascinating to me.
Remeber to have fun...and make each child feel special!!!

Unit Areas and Ideas

Language: Talking with children can be so much fun. You just have to remember to listen to everything they have to say, no matter how silly or outragious. Every spark of imagination tells you something about your students. During this chapter it is most important to listen to the children talk about themselves. This gives you an idea of how the child has begun perceiving him or herself.

Fun Language Activites

Mirror Mirror on the Wall:: This is a fun activity for all ages. Bring in some hand mirrors or hang a large mirror in your home center. Have each child view themselves in the mirror individually and tell you what they see. (What color are your eyes...are they round or oval? etc) After individual viewing have the class stand infront of the mirror and tell you what they see.

Skill Day:: We all have a special skill, even the very young. Some kids can turn somersaults, some can color in the lines. What ever their skill it is special and it is theirs. Dedicate a morning circle time discussing and showing off skills. (You may need to keep a supply of crayons and scissors near by. That does seem to be a favorite skill)

Favorite Food Day:: Have each child bring their own lunch to school one day filled with their favorite foods. Let the children share their lunches with others. During circle time make a graph of who brought what.

Favorite Toy Day:: For show-n-tell allow the children to bring in their favorite toy to share with the class. Remeber to stress that sharing is fun and considerate.

Watch Me Grow:: Create a wall to chart the children's growth through the year. During circle time talk to the children about how they are growing and changing every day. Measure each child with a yard stick and mark on the chart with tape or decoration where the child stands now. About every two months or so remeasure the children and again chart their growth.

Art Experiences:

Finger Prints:: Explain to the children that everyone has a different fingerprint. Allow the children to experiment with washable ink pads in various colors. The children can turn their fingerprints into different creatures with crayons or markers.

Paper Bag Me Puppets:: Suppy each child with a white paper lunch bag and a hand mirror. Allow the children to look at themselves in the mirror and then draw with crayons or markers the features on their face. Also you can supply different colors of yarn for hair and multicultural crayons for skin coloring.

Lifesize Paper ME!:: Trace each child on a large sheet of white paper. Give the children crayons, markers, fabric pieces, yarn, etc. to decorate the lifesized drawing. After all the children have decorated their tracings hang them out in the hallway in a row. This is an excellent display for open house!!!

Photo Book:: Ask parents ahead of time to send a variety of snapshots to school. Give each child four halves of construction paper and allow them to glue or tape the pictures on. Have the children go through old magazines and cut out their favorite toys to glue to the pages. When completed have the children decorate a title page and fasten all the pages together. This is another wonderful project for display on open house night!!!

Music/Movement: Children love to sing and move their bodies. This is a fun way to get to know the children and for the children to know themselves.

"I Am Special": (sung to "Are You Sleeping")

I am special
I am special
If you look
You will see
Someone very special
Someone very special
And it's ME
And it's ME

"If Your Happy and You Know It"

"The Hokey Pokey"

"Old MacDonald Had A Class" (sung to "Old MadDonald's Farm)

Old MacDonald had a class
And in this class there was (child's name)
With a (child's name) here
And a (child's name) there
Here a (child's name)
There a (child's name)
Everywhere a (child's name x2)
Old MacDonald had a class

Science Activities Comming Soon!!!!

Comments And Suggestions

As always feel free to mail me and give me you comments and suggestions. If you have any more ideas to go along with this unit mail them to me and I will post them with due credit!!!!