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Easter Crafts


Soda Bottle Basket

Take a 2 liter soda bottle and cut the top off about 3 inchers from the mouth. Using a hole punch, punch two holes on either side and then thread with a heavy cord. Allow the children to decorate with different seasonal fabrics. One way to get them to stick is dip the entire square of fabric in white school glue then apply to the bottle. When dry fill with easter grass and you are ready to go!

Woven Baskets

I found this idea somewhere on the web. I wish I could give credit where credit is due.

You will need: pastel colored construction paper (2 colors), scissors, and glue or stapler. Using one piece of paper cut horizontal straight lines about one inch in from side to side across paper, about 1/2 inch a part from each other. The paper should be covered from top to bottom with these slits. Next take the other color of paper and cut 1/2 strips. Weave these strips in and out of the slits in the first paper. When completed with all the strips glue the ends of the strips to the first paper to hold in place. Next fold up the sides to make a basket shape. Staple or glue in place. With a contrasting color make a handle on your basket and staple or glue.

Milk Bunny Baskets

Using a gallon milk jug cut an oval shape above the handle. (make this big enough for children to get hands in and out of easily) Cut bunny ears out of white or pink fun foam and hot glue to outer side of milk jug. Using opposite color cut smaller ear to highlight. Glue big wiggle eyes and pipe cleaner whiskers. Fill with easter grass.

Easter Art


Using a full sized piece of heavy white construction paper allow your children to water color the entire page. When dry have children color grass along the bottom edge. Using yellow paint have children make fingerprints in the grass. When dry draw in features to make chicks. You can also make easter bunnies the same way. Have children draw easter eggs to add variety to their picture.

Cut construction paper into egg shape (large) allow children to decorate with paints or crayons.
When finished with placemat cover with clear contact paper.

Chirpin' Chick

This is an idea that I learned at a seminar at MJDesigns.

supplies: kite string or twine, yellow felt, 2 6mm moving eyes, yellow feather, scissors, glue, 2-1/2" x 1-1/2" piece foam sponge, Solo 3.5 oz cup, blunt needle.

Poke two small holes in the bottome of the cup. Thread twine through cup so that both ends come out through the bottom. Leaving about three inches on one end, double know and push both strings and knot through one of the holes. Thread loose end of twine through needle and thread through sponge. Double know and tie securely. Cut feet and beak from felt. Clue eyes, beak and felt into place on cup. Poke a feather into each of the holes on top of head. Glue another in between the holes. Add feather wings. Cut and twist chenille stem to look like worm and glue under beak.

Egg Shell Collage

After children have eaten colored eggs you might have at school save the shells for this fun project. On a white piece of construction paper draw and egg shape. Allow the children to glue the crushed egg shells on the paper for an easter egg they can hang on the refrigerator.

Easter Bunny Pencil Cans

Cut a potato chip can to desired length and decorate with various materials. (colored paper, pipe cleaners, bows and buttons) It will be fun to see all the different styles of easter bunnies in your class.

Crumpled Paper Eggs Precut eggs from white construction paper. Pour tempera paint into shallow pans. Crumple newspaper and dip into paint, dab onto eggs.

Egg Shell Bunny
Spread glue inside a pre-drawn bunny. Scatter crushed egg shells and shake excess.

Footprint Chick
Allow children to paint the bottom side of one foot yellow. Press onto paper. Turn toes dwonward. Draw an eye and bill on the heel.

If you have any ideas that you would like to see added to this theme please feel free to email me or add your idea to the forum.