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Easter Language Unit

The following information was given to me by a fellow teacher. I do not know what book she obtained the information from. If you know the book that this wonderful infromation came from please email me so I can document it properly.

Thank You!


Easter is the most joyous Christian festival. It is the resurrection of Christ. It is a new beginning. Easter Sunday is a special, joyful day celebrated in Christian churches and homes. It is the day when Christian families are glad to remember Jesus and the first Easter. Many of the churches are decorated with white lilies, a symbol of light. Talk about what happens in the spring, new leaves, flowers blooming, seeds sprouting, baby animals, birds returning and nest building.

Why does the date of Easter change from year to year?

Because Easter was first celebrated according to the ancient Jewish calendar-not the Roman calendar used today. Easter is always on Sunday. But it can come as early as Marrch 22 or as late as April 29.
For a long time Christians observed Easter at the same time that Jews celebrated Passover. Passover can begin on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. The Christians wanted Easter on Sunday since they believe Jesus rose from the dead on the first day of the week. The Christians were slowly giving up this use of the Jewish calendar in favor of the Roman one. So in the year 325, the Christians made a change. Easter is the first Sunday following the first full moon in spring.

Why is the egg an Easter symbol?

In many of the worlds cultures the egg stands for new life. An eggs looks like a stone or a rock. But it is from an egg that new life bursts forth. The egg is a reminder to Christians of the resurrection of Jesus.

when did people begin to decorate eggs at Easter?

No one is certain. Some people think the Egyptians colored eggs in the spring long before Jesus was born. Before dye was invented, people colored eggs by wrapping them in leaves and flowers and dropping them in boiling water. This gave the eggs the color of green leaves or red petals. Later, Christians painted eggs and had them blessed. They ate some and gave the others to friends as Easter gifts.

Why does the Easter bunny carry colored eggs?

In many cultures, the white hare-like the egg stands for new life. there are many old stories about hares and eggs. A German legend says that a poor woman once hid colored eggs in a nest. they were to be an Easter gift for her children. Just as the children saw the nest, a hare hopped away. So people said the hare brought the eggs. Today people call the Easter hare the Easter bunny.

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