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Easter Songs and Fingerplays

Following are some songs and fingerplays that I have used with my class over the years. I do not know where these songs have originated from. If you do know please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to give credit where credit is due.

Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny's ears are floppy
Easter Bunny's feet are hoppy
His fur is soft and his nose is fluffy
Tail is short and powder puffy.

Funny Bunny

Here is a bunny
With ears so funny
Here is his hole in the ground
He hears a noise and perks up his ears
He jumps into his hole in the ground.

Fat Bunny

A fat bunny rabbit with ears so tall
And two pink eyes about this small
When hop, hop, hopping to get some lunch
He found a fresh carrot
a yum-yum crunch, crunch.

Easter Eggs

At Easter time we color eggs
Shades of yellow, red and blue
We make them pretty as can be
We'll make some for me and some for you.

Little Bunnies

(children crouch down and hop around)
Furry little bunnies, like to go hippity hop
They wiggle their nose (wiggle nose)
And twitch their whiskers (place hands under nose and wiggle)
While their ears go flippity flop (place hands on head and move them back and forth)

Pinky the Rabbit

Pinky is a rabbit (hold up index and middle fingers)
His tail if fluffy white
Hop, hop, hop goes Pinky
All the day and night (hand hops)

Song (tune Londen Bridge)

Bunny rabbits have no tails,
Have no tails, have no tails,
Bunny rabbits have no tails,
They have powder puffs.

Little Rabbit

Little rabbit
Run, Little
climb right up here
He is so hungry
He nibbles at my ear.

Easter is a happy time
All the flowers are growing
In the nest the birdies sing
In the church, the church bells ring

If you have any songs or fingerplays you would like to see added here please feel free to add them to the forum or email me.