Preschool Resources
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Winter Art Activities

Honeycomb Snowflakes: Glue Honeycomb cereal on blue construction paper to make snowflake design.

Variation: Glue edges of Honeycomb cereal together to make snowflake.

Spatter Paint Snowflake: Cut a large circle from black or blue construction paper. Fold in half and open. Dip brush into white tempera paint that is thinner than normal. Hold brush over paper, breing careful not to touch brush to paper. Shake brush allowing paint to fall randomly. Fold on original crease and press. Open and symetrical design appears.

Snowman's Face: Glue buttons, seeds, beans, bits of paper, fabric, or yarn on a paper plate to create features of snowmans's face. Gue construction paper hat to top of head.

Snowy Day Picture: Place a small amount of bleach in a container. Using a cotton tipped swab, paint with bleach on a dark piece of paper.

Winter Tree: Glue twig on construction paper to represent a tree during winter. Glue cotton balls around the base of the tree for snow.

Painting with Pine Bough: Use small pine bough for paintbrush. Place a small bough beside each container of tempera paint that is a different color. Dip end of pine bough in paint and apply to paper. When finished, one of the pine bough brushes can be taped to corner of paper.

Kerchoo: Make a face on a paper plate. Gule facial tissue to nose and mouth.

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